We don’t accept item requests during our summer break. Selling will be available again after August 10.

Sell with us!

Simply type in your name, email address and a description of the products you’d like to sell (brand, size, condition), upload a photo of each of them and click on the submit button.
If you wish to sell more than 5 items you can fill in this form multiple times or share your photos via WeTransfer or our contact@alasecond.com email address. 
After receiving your request we will evaluate your items and get back to you in a few working days about which of them we are willing to sell in our store and for how much.

The process is simple: once we have confirmed the selected items and agreed on a price, you can prepare your package and send it to us. We will reimburse you for the postage fee if the parcel contains minimum 10 items.
After receiving your parcel we will ask you to fill in a form regarding your bank details to be able to transfer 50% of each sold item’s market price.
If your item does not sell within 12 months it will become part of our stock and will eventually be given to charity or material recycling organizations. 

If you work at a big organisation or company and your colleagues are also interested in selling with us, please contact us and we will organise a larger shipment as well as a full reimbursement of the postage fee.

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